Sunday School

Preschool & Kindergarten

                In our Preschool and Kindergarten Sunday School we work to instill the basic principles and knowledge of God’s love for us. We teach the children, using a variety of methods, about the stories of Jesus and the many men and women throughout the Bible, building their firm foundation in God’s word.


1st & 2nd

                For our First and Second graders, we build on their foundation from the stories of God’s word to focus on God’s love for them and others. In their knowledge of God’s love, they are guided in how to treat others, how to talk to God, and how to show love to others.


3rd & 4th

                Our Third and Fourth graders go deeper in the stories of the Bible to observe the relationship God desires to have with His people. They begin to learn how to independently navigate God’s word and see His love in their lives.


5th & 6th

                Our Fifth and Sixth graders grow in their knowledge of God’s love and God’s word to begin to learn how to decipher God’s purpose for them. They are guided in how to live their life in faith and to see the Lord active in their lives.